Born in Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina, Ana Cabrera Grohs since childhood liked to admire the green ravines and the brown color of the Paraná river. And it is from there that he feels the unique landscape of his native land. She graduated as a professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy, performing as a professional in the area of ​​social security, and she studied artistic painting in several institutions in Argentina and France, with outstanding art masters. She is currently working full-time on artistic painting.

Inspired by the river, the sea, her travels around the world, colors, and textures, she creates paintings of mixed techniques that oscillate between the figurative
and the abstract, with oil paintings, acrylics, and materials occasionally found, her paintings explore and evoke the landscape with a visual field of depth and movement. The forms are placed in new contexts as they settle between intricate lines and delicate strands that wrap bodies and colors as if they float on the surface.

To a large extent, the main theme of most of her figurative paintings has to do with emotions, deep feelings and personal experiences that have touched her soul. The figure of her character has an exotic and mysterious air that impacts the viewer, and it seems that she is going through a type of change, with a certain innocence and aggressiveness well understood. Ana’s contemporary paintings have a special strength behind the delicate figurative portraits that she presents, and a faithful representation of the emotional states of the people she paints. To make the message even more important, she often includes many abstract details and symbolism, especially in her most recent abstract artworks.

Her creation process is like a dialogue between her, her senses and her imagination, which together with the music that always accompanies her, bring out her emotions and reflect her joy of living. Her purpose is through painting to fully communicate her feelings. If others can feel and connect with her artwork, that brings her great happiness.
In her abstract fantasy, she invites viewers to free their imaginations, leaving them the possibility of interpreting for themselves what the abstraction suggests to them. She has exhibited as an exhibitor nationally and internationally in Europe, Asia, America, and her works are in collections around the world. She currently lives and works in her atelier in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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