It is a pleasure to receive you in my virtual gallery to share my works of art with you. They are original paintings of contemporary art and range from figurative to abstract. The themes of my artworks are: Fantasy, Figure and Landscape. I build each artwork using oil, acrylic and a variety of mixed techniques that create depth through transparent layers that reveal hidden universes. I enjoy the process of painting, I am a professional artist dedicated full time creating original paintings of modern art. The rhythms of my senses, my soul, and my imagination, are what guide my creation in abstract art, which is always accompanied by good music, which with its musical phrases, accents and repetitions, resembles the sudden forms , colors, and emotions reflected in my human figures, landscapes and fantasies. Through abstract art I can move to figurative painting and reflect on a much deeper level all that I observe around me day by day, capturing the fascination of light, nuances, and textures, being this energy the one that initiates a process of creation that ends with a new artwork. My philosophy of art is a challenge in which I dare to discover what is inside me, then give it to others with love, and I hope it is a source of positive joy and emotion for the observer, who will be able to find his own meaning of the work, or maybe it awakens his concern for the fine arts and is his source of inspiration, to discover in his interior his creative possibilities. My vibrant original paintings of oils, acrylics and mixed media are the synthesis of visual impressions and emotions that stimulate analyzing and recreating the elements of nature and reality.

Most of my paintings are made on stretched canvas, have painted edges, and are ready to hang, free of visible staples or tacks, signed back and forth, and with Certificate of Authenticity. All my figurative and abstract paintings are made using canvases and high quality paintings. They have been sold to collectors around the world.          

Through my artistic works I want to achieve more and more inner freedom and creativity. Creation is like a game in which I allow myself to constantly recreate reality. The earth inspires me, taking from America and from my trips around the world, the mountains, the seascapes, the beaches, trees, flowers, rivers, the people in their deepest manifestations, and the themes that speak of the interior life and of the celebration.

I donate my artworks to charities such as Art @ Hospital, an international organization that, according to its promoter Gisella du Mée, “tries to change the gray of hospitals for warm and colorful places that offer hope”. I have also participated beneficially in workshops about my works, made with students from the schools of the Argentine state. Among the great artists of the history of painting, who have been a permanent source of inspiration and guidance in my works: Paul Cézanne postimpressionist French painter considered the father of modern painting, Pablo Picasso creator of cubism and surrealism, the new figuration of Francis Bacon, Wassily Kandinsky, precursor of abstract art in painting and art theorist and expressionism, Paul Klee whose style varies between surrealism, expressionism and abstraction. Van Gogh one of the main exponents of post-impressionism, Henri Matisse known for his use of color and his fluid and original drawing, Joaquín Sorolla the painter of light, impressionist, post-impressionist. Standing out among my favorite artists of Argentine painting: Antonio Berni one of the first Latin American artists of surrealist style, an heir of figurative expressionism like Luis Debairosmoura, and the new realism of Carlos Alonso. All of them worthy representatives of Argentine art.

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