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Abstract paintings of Ana Cabrera Grohs

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Contemporary painter Ana Cabrera Grohs on-line Fine Art Gallery. Acrylic and mixed media painting techniques on canvas. Original abstract paintings and figurative painting. Artworks from the artist, abstract landscape, flower, fantasy and romantic themes

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Abstract Fantasy
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Abstract Fantasy
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Abstract Fantasy
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Abstract Landscape
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Hello, welcome!
I am pleased to receive you in my web page and share my paintings with you. My artwork can be defined as contemporary art and it involves from figurative to abstract paintings. By means of my artwork, I wish to achieve an increased inner peace and creativity throughout time. In general, I use canvas to perform them, although some of them have been painted on paper or wood and protected with varnished. In order to reach varied color shades and textures I use acrylic painting and a mixed technique. Subjects that inspire me arise from my desire to paint nature, taking from argentine landscapes its mountains, sea sides, beaches, flowers and subjects that speak about the inner life and about the celebration of love.
Among famous well-know painters my favorites are: Paul Klee, the post impressionism of Van Gogh, Henri Matisse’s freedom in the use of color, Wassilly, Kandinsky with their abstract art contributions, Pablo Picasso’s cubism and surrealism, Jackson Pollock and the action painting, Francis Bacon and the new figurative method. When speaking about renowned artists in Argentine Painting my favorites are: Antonio Berni and his surrealist style, Luis Debairosmoura and his contemporary expressionism, Carlos Cañas’ exaltation of color and Carlos Alonso’s new realistic approach.
When entering into my page, you will find an exhibition of my artwork divided into different subjects, hope you enjoy it!

What do my abstract paintings represent?
My abstract paintings represent my world and my personal circumstances, internal life experiences, life situations I have to face, moments that I wish to capture in the memory, thoughts that I want to transmit to other people. All the above reflected by means of my painting techniques in colors that express my emotions and state of soul.

Subjects approached in my artworks
Subjects arise from everything that touches me. A color that makes my sensitivity vibrate, enchanted abstract landscapes, suns and moons, a flower, a gesture, a smile, joy and pain.
I started from figurative painting and at present I am fully satisfied with abstraction, where I feel I can express myself with more freedom.

Why do I paint?
I perform works of art because through them, I am able to express the passion and the desire that conveyed onto the canvas allow me to establish a deep connection with my feelings and the sensation of being able to catch- in an instant - something that will for ever remain captured on the canvas through a color, a shape or a stain.

What subjects do I choose?
Subjects just come to me, either from the exterior or interior reality, as a starting point for creation. All this, considered from my spirituality, in my way, with the vision and emotion of my feelings and thoughts.

Special Meaning
As an abstract artist, the art practice is a healing process for me, since I find by means of the painting techniques the possibility of creating and recreating -in a tireless manner -those circumstances influencing my sensitivity giving way to new things, images, colors, landscapes. My art philosophy is a challenge, in which I dare to discover what there is inside me, to subsequently offer it to the others with love.
I wish to communicate a message that touches people, a message that affects them, a message that takes them away from routine and worries, so that they are able to enjoy a pleasant moment, and get connected with their inner beings, and make them feel that the beauty present in art is accessible to all art lovers no matter if they are professional painters or beginners. My wish is that people take a moment and find in their interior what the art work is telling them. And if in addition to the above the artwork arises any feeling in the audience, if it opens a path to imagination or introduces the audience into the art world - that makes me happy.
I try to convey an optimistic message through my art and reflect the love for life and nature that I feel.

Surfaces & Materials
I create high quality abstract paintings. My artworks are performed in acrylic, and occasionally combined with other mixed-media materials to create abstract paintings. When I started painting, I performed some paintings on wood and paper; however, at present I always use canvas for my artworks. I use professional artist-grade, mildew resistant, acrylics. Water-clear, semi-gloss fungicide, UV absorber fixative varnish is applied to protect and enhance the colors of the my abstract paintings. Some canvases have been removed from the stretchers and rolled for storage. Stretchers may be provided, if necessary.

If you have an enquiry about any of the abstract paintings exhibited in the gallery, or would like to purchase a painting on a "no obligation" basis, please feel free to contact us by pressing the “Contact to Enquire” button that appears next to the artwork’s image, fill in with the required information and press the “Send Form” button. We will send a quotation to you as soon as possible.
You may send your comments to me, or request information about my artworks, web site or new events, by pressing the Contact button appearing on the screen’s top margin.

All artworks displayed in the Gallery are available in prints; please fill the form in “Contact to enquire”

Copyright in artwork is retained by the artist Ana Cabrera Grohs, even after the ownership of the artwork is transferred to the buyer through purchase.

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Abstract paintings - Abstract Landscapes - Landscape Paintings - Abstract landscape paintings

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