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I was born in the city of Paraná, province of Entre Ríos, Argentina, a location that was chosen by my grandfather who emigrated from Germany. From my childhood, I enjoyed admiring the green ravines and the brown color of the Paraná river. During my adolescence I moved to Buenos Aires, where I live nowadays.

I obtained a professor degree in Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy and held a professional position in the social security area.

After dreaming about painting during my whole life, I discovered my need to study painting art thanks to my son who required my help with his art tasks during the first year of his secondary school.

I have performed theoretical and practical studies on acrylic abstract painting with Master Jérôme Tisserand at the Moulin de Perrot Institute in France. 

Ana Cabrera Grohs - Abstract Paintings

I started studying at Master Luís Debairosmoura's studio, and then continued my studies with Master Carlos Cañas at the Decorative Arts Museum.

I performed my first paintings in 1994, and that was a very important moment in my life because I decided to take the chance to develop that activity which I had always loved, the art of painting.

At that time I started painting with a figurative style that reflected human shape, until I was requested to perform an abstract painting, which produced a change, an inner revolution in me, and dealing with said challenge I started considering the painting work with a different vision because I was able to strip myself off the concrete object and started to express my feelings in a deeper and more liberated manner. Said moment produced a transformation in me and caused that from that point in time onwards the great majority of my artworks reflect said abstraction style. I paint what I feel and think, and not what I can strictly see.

I attended contests in Europe and USA as exhibitor and exhibited my abstract paintings in several national painting events, exhibitions held in museums, art galleries as well as in government premises, book fairs, Communal Management Centers and at the Buenos Aires Commodity Exchange premises where one of my abstract paintings obtained the prize which consisted in taking part of the itinerant exhibition around the World, traveling across 23 countries in South America, Europe and Canada.

Some of my artworks are located in collections in the United States of America and Europe.

I really enjoy painting, and my intention is to fully communicate my feelings through my paintings. If other people manage to feel and connect with my artwork, I am happy.
In my abstract paintings, I invite the audience to set their imagination free by giving them the opportunity to interpret by themselves the artworks’ significance.
I am member to the following associations: Member of Moulin de Perrot, Academy of Fine Arts- France /  GrilloArte Gallery, Punta del Este-Uruguay / Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plasticos [Plastic Artists Argentine Society] Buenos Aires-Argentina / Museum of the Americas, Miami-USA / ConectArte Association, Cordoba-Spain.

I invite you to visit my abstract paintings gallery.

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